Industrial automation

We apply in the study of modern solutions for automating manufacturing processes.
In the movie present a machine in complement to a robot for the service to a thermoplastic molding press.

Wastewater treatment

Multi preparer machine

This machine produces continuous liquid solutions with possible adjustment of the percentage, in the picture is in service since 2004 as a preparer of lime at a wastewater treatment plant.

Polyelectrolytes preparing machines

Clearwater Applied Technology, design and manufacture small and medium polyelectrolytes preparing machines with two tanks for maturation and dosing alternately.


The mixer "IN-LINE" is a device to be inserted easily into a pipe which becomes a segment. The goal is to quickly mix substances injected with immediate reaction.

In the treatment of sludge, thanks to the addition of appropriate substances can be achieved increases the amount of dry 2% with obvious advantages for the subsequent disposal.


Clearwater is applied in research systems for the sustainable production of energy from renewable sources.

In 2010 we designed and built a gasifier suitable for disposal of biomass,

combined with cogeneration plant produces 100kWh and consumes 2.5 tons of biomass per day, with no emissions.